While a lot of focus has been diverted to SEO and social media marketing in the past couple of years, it is important to note that the power of email marketing has not waned. In many regards, email marketing is still a viable option that can propel any business like Healthcare to new heights of success.

However, this achievement only comes when and if companies make use of email marketing in the right way. With this in mind, herein are some of the standards Do and Don’ts about email marketing that will steer businesses to email marketing success.

The Dos

  • Do Personalize – Personalize your email as much as you can. Use the actual name of the recipients, as well as curate and send emails that the recipients are interested in. Doing so increases the chances of your email marketing efforts succeeding.
  • Do Test And Tweak – Do not settle on just one formula of carrying out your email marketing. Develop, test and tweak with the intention of continuously improving results.
  • Do Keep Your Message Short And Relevant – People receive a lot of email on a daily basis and thus, they tend to be selective of the email they read. To improve the chances of your email being read, keep your emails relevant and short.
  • Do Make It Easy To Opt-Out – Although this may seem counter-intuitive, it is important to give your email subscribers the freedom of choice. Knowing that they can opt-out of the email list at any time gives the subscribers the confidence that they are dealing with a legitimate business. This improves their outlook on your business.
  • Do use a double opt-in email service to protect your business against honeypots.

The Don’t

  • Do Not Buy An Emailing List – By using a purchased email list, there is a high potential of breaking the law, which will lead to litigation. Additionally, using such email list may make your business come out as spammy, which ruins your business’ reputation.
  • Do Not Send poor-Quality Emails – Place emphasis on the quality content you email and refrain from using low-quality content that may affect the reputation of your business.