With electric cars rushing onto the market and becoming a real option for most people, how likely is it for driverless cars to rush into the market as well?

This is the question people are asking, and it is one expert are looking to gauge as well.

There are many factors to consider while deciding what is going to happen because the automotive industry is always pushing forward with new ideas.

1) Many Driverless Features Already Available

Many vehicles are already rocking functions that are “driverless” such as automatic cruise control, driverless parking, and various other functions.

This makes it easier to believe it is going to happen in the long-term and is on the cards as time goes on.

2) Tesla Is Doing Considerable Testing

Tesla is a major player in this niche and is one that has already done wonders when it comes to electric cars. They want to jump in here as well, and that might help speed things along as they look to innovate as much as possible. They want to be the ones who get it onto the market.

3) Large Testing Budgets For Such Vehicles By Uber

Now, Uber is one of those companies that has come out of nowhere and is starting to promote the idea of doing this. They want to eliminate the use of drivers by creating their vehicles in this niche. It is an excellent way to get started and has a lot of value to add.

In the end, it is going to take a while even if a lot of testing is being done because people like driving and most people are still unsure about the safety standards in place for these cars. They want something that won’t put them in danger like www.worldwideautomobile.com/car-lease-deals offer.